Talked with Pam from the Welcome Center at HACC yesterday and she told me about a book she had read entitled, "Never Enough" by Judith Grisel, PhD. The part that demonstrates sympathetic resonance is that Dr. Grisel is someone who went from dropping out of school to attaining a PhD AFTER years of drug addiction, abuse and pain.

But here's the real catch... she's a Cognitive Neuroscientist!  (That's what I'm becoming!)

And if you think that was a real catch, check this out: She's a professor at Bucknell University with is currently about an hour's drive from me and I have a Toastmaster Friend (Shane Cohen) who works there and can introduce me to her. I think she'd make a great mentor for me. We'll see...

First I'll read her book (that I immediately purchased from Amazon. Get your copy here: Never Enough), then I'll drive up to see if she'd be so kind as to sign my copy. Wish me luck and I'll have an update and put a link here: ______________

You can find her lecture on the book here: Dr. Grisel's Lecture


Dr. Timmy